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About  Us

ENTRUSTPutting your investments where the sun shines.

When it comes to meeting the expectations of today’s more conscientious investor, EnTrust Capital Management, LLC really shines. Headquartered in Hamilton, Indiana, ECM has been a leading innovator in the solar energy sector since 1979.

As a renewable energy financial firm, ECM believes in increasing access to a clean, abundant energy source that is both reliable and affordable. We specialize in providing accredited investors with sustainable investment opportunities that not only reward them financially, but also aligns well with their values and those of the companies they have invested in.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), ECM manages the assets of accredited investors and institutional investors. We take a two-pronged approach to ensure that your investments meet at that all-important intersection of Value and Growth.

The first prong is our Green Initiative Fund, which is the solar development side of our investment portfolio. In this fund, we focus on providing turnkey solar energy solutions to non-profit community organizations and schools, saving them millions of dollars, and stabilizing their budgets. This fund fulfills our goal of enhancing people’s lives and helping to ensure a prosperous future for all.

And just as important, these solar projects are backed by the full faith and credit of the municipalities in which they are located, so you know your investment’s risk is mitigated. And while the solar energy market is strong and looks to remain so, on the off-chance that our Green Initiative Fund is not getting solid returns, we strategically redirect the fund’s equity into risk-adjusted stocks and bonds focused on renewable energy. This two-pronged approach ensures that your investment remains both low risk and profitable.


ECM Green Initiative Fund

Our Green Initiative Fund is a private, non-exchanged traded renewable energy fund with a mandate to invest in renewable focused projects. While Entrust, LLC’s management team focuses on building municipal, academic, and nonprofit solar projects, ECM’s Green Initiative offers an attractive risk/reward profile for fixed income investors.

The securities are typically well-structured, with high levels of collateralization and credit enhancement, relatively low risk of default, and an attractive spread.

ECM Renewable Energy Fund

Growth in the renewable energy sector has given rise to a new securitized investment opportunity – renewable asset-backed securities. These innovative investment packages, backed by consumer receivables originated by solar energy companies, offer fixed income investors an opportunity to invest in the growing renewable energy movement. Demand for solar renewable energy financing has been fueled by an increasing use of solar power driven by decreasing installation costs, and recent initiatives and regulations mandating the use of renewable energy. With high levels of collateralization and credit enhancement, as well as relatively low default risk, ECM’s Renewable Energy Fund provides a potentially attractive opportunity to invest alongside long-term sustainability megatrends.


Our Impact

ENTRUSTA Renewable Energy Company.

With a focus on combatting climate change, consumers and utilities are shifting away from traditional fossil fuels and pivoting toward renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal. Solar power, in particular, contributes to a more sustainable environment as a clean, carbon-free form of green energy.

ECM is an outgrowth of EnTrust, LLC. As legislation, technology, and equipment within the solar sector continued to make solar energy more affordable, EnTrust, LLC was formed to market turnkey solar energy solutions to nonprofit community organizations and schools. After identifying the energy needs of qualifying nonprofits and schools, Entrust finances, builds, owns, and manages solar fields on their property, which, in turn, services their energy needs for decades to come.

In response to the phenomenal growth of EnTrust as a renewable energy company, EnTrust Capital Management, LLC was formed as a financial and investment vehicle to monetize the benefits of solar energy for its investors.


Invest Where the Sun Shines

ENTRUSTHarnessing the investment potential of renewable energy

ECM directly supports a sustainable future by offering Solar Energy Providers a new source of capital through a term loan. Solar loan/lease payments displace the majority of the property’s former energy bill, with the average system generally sized to provide more than 80% of the customer’s current energy usage. 

We believe the potential challenges must be monitored closely to evaluate the effect on investment opportunities. The evolution of the loan origination process, the bond structure, and the adaptation of technology have created an environment for growth and sustainable investment opportunities in recent years.

If you’re an accredited individual or institutional investor, we invite you to find out more about our Renewable Energy Investment Portfolio.

Our Investment Team

Thomas P. Blake

Thom has been a proponent of renewable energy since the 1970s.
He began his journey in renewables in 1973 when he owned and operated an energy products store for nine years. In 2000, he formed Solar Usage Now to address commercial thermal solar needs. After the construction of the Defiance College Solar Project in 2017, he founded EnTrust, LLC, and in 2020 Entrust Capital Management (ECM) was formed as a financial and investment vehicle to monetize the many benefits of solar energy for its investors.

Michael Campo Ph.D.

Dr. Campo is ECM’s Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director.
He came from the world of investment banking with 15 years of experience. Dr. Campo brings 25 years of entrepreneurship and business experience, joining Thomas Blake’s team in 2018. Dr. Michael Campo received his Doctorate in Public Policy Analysis / Economics from the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Christopher Davis

Chris is ECM’s Portfolio Manager with over 20 years of diverse portfolio management experience, which includes managing professional securities as a licensed Senior Investment Portfolio Manager, managing multimillion-dollar portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, institutions, 401(k), 403(b) plan sponsors, and 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Chris received his M.B.A. from Cleveland State University and his B.A. Business Administration from the University of Akron.

Kalyn Bruce

Kalyn Bruce joined the ECM team in 2018. She has been instrumental in assisting Dr. Campo in raising $70 million dollars in conventional and unconventional financing. Kalyn has brought her previous
banking experience to assist in growing the financial relationships of Mr. Blake’s portfolio. Kalyn also manages both the maintenance and verification of the operating solar projects and manages projects currently under construction.